Ranmki, a SaaS platform that allows companies to automate HR management, this week announced double news: a Series A led by SoftBank Latin America Fund and its merger with its Mexican peer Osmos. Both transactions amounted to US$48 million, said the Chile-based company. Enrique Besa, co-founder, and CEO of Rankmi, answered Contxto’s questionnaire.

What problem does Rankmi solve?

Rankmi is a comprehensive people management platform that automates all stages of the life cycle of employees in companies, with products such as payroll, digital signature, recruitment, training, performance, engagement, benefits, and an internal social network. Rankmi’s goal is to enable companies to build people-centered cultures. 

Enrique Besa, cofounder and CEO of Rankmi. (Photo: Rankmi)

How is it different from others that have tried this idea before?
Operationally, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors in three ways. First, from a very good user experience, facilitating access to and use of technology. Second, with service to administrators and end users, meeting the collaborators’ needs and distancing the HR areas from operational tasks. And finally, with methodological support, to get the most out of the processes that our companies processes. From the strategic point of view, our differentiating factors are based on continuous improvement and constant innovation, which provides constant benefits to our clients.

What achievement of your company are you most proud of?
Having been pioneers in putting people at the center of the companies’ strategy and contributing with information and tools for the predictive use of data. When we started this journey about seven years ago, companies gave little value to adopting technology in their HR strategy. We are proud to feel that we accelerated this development in LatAm.

Tell us a Latin American startup you admire.
MercadoLibre for its tremendous capacity to expand and scale in several countries in the region.

What is the next step for the company?
Our next steps are to continue revolutionizing people management in LatAm. We are convinced that building more humane and fairer companies is possible and that technology has a lot to contribute there. 

Main image: Rankmi.

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