Contxto – In many places, gym doors remain closed. But startup Gympass is finding more ways to expand its virtual services as users self-isolate. Besides offering online classes, it’s also added nutritional consulting, as well as remote therapy through Zenklub.

More recently, it added personal trainers to improve the experience for users in Mexico. Correspondingly, Gympass members will benefit from one-on-one sessions with their own coach for up to eight times a month via the startup’s platform.

Undoubtedly, this startup was hard-hit by the pandemic and was strong-armed into getting creative and connecting with other startups.

“Without a doubt, these have been tough times, but they’ve also offered opportunities,” reflects Lucas Melman, CEO at Gympass Mexico.

“In our commitment to end sedentarism, at Gympass we’ve had to reinvent ourselves with new options and tools, and work side-by-side with our customers and allies so that users can continue exercising in a safe and healthy way.”

Other fitness-related platforms like Peruvian Fitco and Chilean BoxMagic have embraced similar approaches in offering virtual classes for their users. 

The question is, are these quick fixes to manage through the pandemic or will users embrace home workouts in a post-Covid era?

As it often happens, the answer is neither here nor there, but somewhere in between.

How will fitness platforms work out?

More than one gym rat is eagerly waiting for their favorite fitness club to reopen. However, given the high risk of infection—what with all the charming body fluids floating around—it’s hard to foresee when that’ll be and just how safe it is.

In any case, gym reopenings will gradually happen, and with the appropriate hygiene measures.

Does this imply everyone will dump workout platforms? Not necessarily. 

They’re extremely convenient given they can easily integrate into a person’s lifestyle and daily habits. Likewise, they’re appealing to users who aren’t fond of group settings and just want to exercise at their own pace.

Moreover, for users who are fond of online interactions, many Youtubers and fitness apps seek to build on their virtual communities. In that sense, they’re adding the social component to improve the experience and there’s certainly a market for that.

At the end of the day, whether gyms open their doors soon or not, Gympass has its bases covered on the “real” and virtual fronts.

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