HealthAtom, cloud-based software for clinics and health centers to manage their business, announced a Series A for US$10 million. This is the first institutional round of this startup, founded in Chile in 2009, and was led by Kayyak Ventures, one of the leading VCs in that country. FJ Labs, Soma, Amador, Taram, and angel investors also participated.

Focused on medium and small healthcare providers, HealthAtom currently has 6,500 clients and commercial offices in Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. 

The company gave the news on its blog, where it explains that the capital will be used to continue expanding in Latin America and to create a single platform for healthcare technology solutions, where clinics can be “interconnected with the healthcare and financial ecosystem”.

In a story with TechCrunch, its co-founders stated that one of the challenges of their first decade, where they bootstrapped, was to consider the different regulations of each country regarding healthcare data. They added that the new capital will also be used to partner with insurance companies and develop a loan program for patients.

Main image: HealthAtom founders Daniel Guajardo (CPO), Guillermo Medel (CTO), and Roberto Leon (CEO). (Photo: HeathAtom)


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