The social network for professionals today shared its Top Startup 2022 in Latin America. It is based on the lists (also released today) of the top startups in five countries in the region: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Mexico. 

The platform states that its list shows “which companies are emerging and overcoming current challenges to continue innovating, generating interest, and attracting the best talent in 2022.”

They explained that to compile the list, they rely on unique data LinkedIn has on each startup: headcount growth, interest in job postings, user interaction with the company, and what percentage of employees each startup has hired from the LinkedIn Top Companies, their main list.

To be considered for the list, startups must meet certain conditions, such as being no more than seven years old and others that can be read at the end of the company’s post, along with a detailed explanation of its methodology.

Their methodology has to do with startups that generate interest in professionals—not with business metrics and valuations— so it is more a list of best startups to work for than a list of best startups. LinkedIn states that the list “is intended to be a resource for professionals looking to join a startup.” This explains why the list combines big startups such as Mexico’s Kavak and Colombia’s emerging Morado, which is in the pre-seed stage and is not even a year old.

Globally, LinkedIn has been listing top companies since 2016 and top startups since 2017. For some years, it started to publish its ranking of startups from Mexico and Brazil, and in 2021 it added those from Argentina. Today, for the first time, a list of startups from Chile and Colombia was released, so now, having companies from the five most important markets in the region, they have put together this general list. 

For the list, they considered the top three startups from each country and ordered them alphabetically. You can read it below (the category is the same as the one registered by each company on LinkedIn):


Wellness and exercise services (Chile)

C6 Bank
Banking (Brazil)

Financial services (Mexico)

Investment management (Chile)

Aeronautics and aviation (Argentina)

Software development (Brazil)

Real estate (Colombia)

Real estate (Mexico)

Automotive sector (Mexico)

E-commerce (Colombia)

Financial services (Brazil)

Biotechnology (Chile)

Financial services (Argentina)

Financial services (Argentina)

Home deliveries (Colombia)