Welbe, a healthtech that offers companies a comprehensive health program for their workers, announced its first pre-seed survey for US$3 million. The Nazca investment fund led the round.

Marathon Ventures, H20, and various angel investors also participated in the investment, including Ricardo Weder, founder of Jüsto; David Geisen, country manager for Mexico of Mercado Libre; André Maxnuk, CEO of Mercer in Mexico and Luis Berrondo, Director of M&A, Crédito Real.

According to a press release, Welbe will use the capital to improve its technology, attract talent, expand alliances, and boost its development. In addition, it will seek to increase its network of doctors, which so far is around 1,500, and aims to reach 100,000 active users by the end of 2022. 

Eduardo Medeiros (CEO) and Marcus Paiva (cofundador). (Photo: Welbe)

A 360º platform

Welbe platform has self-developed software that allows it to manage workers’ health through data collection and artificial intelligence. This is to locate problems and improve their quality of life and productivity.

The platform integrates all clinical history in one place and gives patients access to this information while allowing doctors to make more effective and efficient diagnoses, says the company.

In this way, the startup is also opening the possibility for Mexican companies to comply with laws related to occupational health, which oblige employers to take actions to maintain and ensure the physical, mental and social well-being of their workers.

Welbe assures that it is the first 360° wellness program in Mexico. It includes a check-up, medical consultation with specialists, telemedicine, laboratory analysis, and mental health care. 

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