Perfekto Raises US$1.1 To Reduce Food Waste in Mexico

Jan Heinvirta, Anahí Sosa y Juan Andrade (Foto: Perfekto)

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Perfekto, the startup that finds the good side of imperfect fruits and vegetables to avoid waste, raised US$1.1 million in a pre-seed round. According to Crunchbase, the Mexican company founded in 2021 by Anahí Sosa and Jan Heinvirta is backed by Y Combinator and Asymmetry Ventures.

The new capital will be invested to expand its operations throughout Mexico, as well as to improve its technology, expand its product portfolio and grow in the B2B industry, CEO Jan Heinvirta told TechCrunch.

Perfekto focuses on rescuing fruits and vegetables that, despite being in good condition, are often discarded by producers because they are difficult to sell. The startup helps reduce waste and, on the other hand, allows consumers to have products at a lower cost, a business model driven worldwide by companies such as the unicorn Misfits Markets or Imperfect Foods (the latter was recently acquired by the former).

In Latin America, around 6% of fruit and vegetables are wasted, and about 70% are discarded before consumption, notes Freshinset. According to Perfekto data, more than a third of usable food is lost every year in Mexico.

At the moment, the company only operates in Mexico. To obtain the service, users must subscribe, choose the box and preferences, and select seasonal products or a surprise box. Then, the company contacts the producers, who rescue the vegetables and fruits.

The last step is shipping the box to the consumer’s home with “as little packaging as possible and always returnable,” the startup argues on its site.

With this business model, Perfekto has already reached US$1 million in annual recurring revenue, Heinvirta revealed to TechCrunch. He says this is possible because of its subscription model, efficient logistics, and organic growth.

The CEO said they are interested in expanding to other cities in Mexico, where they plan to reach US$2 million in annual run rate in the next six to eight months.

Main image: Jan Heinvirta and Anahí Sosa, founders, and Juan Andrade, Chief Operating Officer (Photo: Perfekto)

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