Rappi teams up with Sanofi for home delivery medicinal services

rappi teams up with sanofi for home delivery medicinal services
rappi teams up with sanofi for home delivery medicinal services

Contxto – Imagine a world where patients can order prescriptions or contact the doctor over a mobile phone app. No more doctor consultations for the common head cold or waiting in the pharmacy’s line – this sounds too good to be true.

Lo and behold, this arrangement may be closer than we realize considering what Rappi has up its sleeve. Galvanized by the US$8 million mobile health industry, the Colombian tech giant plans to add medicinal products to its platform’s product offerings.

According to a recent report, Rappi will collaborate with French biopharmaceutical corporation, Sanofi, to make this prospect a reality. This partnership could begin as soon as April.

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What’s in store?

Colombia’s youngest unicorn wants to provide innovative healthcare solutions throughout the region alongside its newest partner. Therefore, Rappi will share its clients’ purchasing history with Sanofi.

On the flip side, the French company can enhance its sales and marketing strategies by using Rappi’s technology to promote brands or products. From my understanding, both companies are vying to better understand consumer choices.

“It’s not what people say they do, it’s what they put in the basket,” said Ruales.

If you say you are a fit person but then get a lot of hamburgers from Rappi, we know you’re not that fit.

As of today, this project is still pending regulatory approval. At least in the beginning stages, only over-the-counter health products shall be available.

How does this fit into Rappi’s mission?

This alliance runs part and parcel to Rappi’s mission, according to Commercial Director Juan Sebastian Ruales.

The tech startup already delivers everything from takeout to diapers to even electronic scooter rentals. In that regard, more product variety will surely increase sales in the seven countries where it currently operates.

“We want to become the go-to option for digital health care in Latin America,” said Ruales. “We deliver hamburgers, we deliver nail polish, now we’ll be able to deliver doctors.”


Most likely, over-the-counter medication delivery is just the beginning for Rappi, which is already worth US$1.2 billion. I have a feeling this revolutonized healthcare service will eventually evolve into something more grandiose.

If this venture succeeds, perhaps someday we’ll see prescription medications, at-home doctor visits and genuine interactions with medical providers all facilitated over Rappi.


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