Tet4D’s mission is clear: to optimize all logistics processes, from smart warehousing to last mile, through artificial intelligence, and thus help the environment. Since the company began operations in August 2022, Tet4D has secured $1.6 million in financing.

The co-founder and operations manager of Tet4D, Juan Eduardo Valenzuela, developed a unique and patented mathematical model that optimizes logistics processes through cubication. This technique maximizes the use of space in warehouses and transportation, automating storage, transportation, and final delivery processes. As a result, Tet4D’s clients can save approximately 25% in operational costs.

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Tet4D’s main goal is to improve industrial transportation efficiency worldwide and contribute to the reduction of fossil fuel consumption, thus benefiting the environment.

Currently, the company has offices in Chile and France, and plans to expand to new continents in the medium term, with the aim of reaching the United States by 2025. According to José Christián Cortés, CEO of Tet4D, their artificial intelligence system is applicable worldwide and across different types of industrial transportation, giving them a competitive advantage. They also aim to extend their application to other transportation modes such as river and air transport.

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What does it imply for venture capital?

  • Investment opportunities: Tet4D’s ability to raise $1.6 million opens up investment opportunities for venture capital firms interested in supporting innovative projects in the logistics sector.
  • Expanded reach: Tet4D’s success showcases the growth and expansion of logistics startups, providing venture capital firms with the opportunity to support companies with a solid business model and innovative technological approach in the Latin American market and beyond.
  • Environmental impact: Tet4D’s mission to optimize logistics processes and reduce the use of fossil fuels in industrial transportation presents an attractive opportunity for venture capital firms focused on impact investments. This allows them to support companies that offer sustainable solutions aligned with the goals of sustainable development.

What does it imply for Latin American startups?

  • Access to financing: Other startups in the logistics sector in the region may have the opportunity to attract investments and access the necessary resources to fuel their growth.
  • Market visibility: The recognition and financial support gained by Tet4D help increase the visibility of Latin American startups in the global market, potentially attracting more attention from investors and prospective clients.
  • Boost to innovation: Tet4D’s optimization of logistics processes through artificial intelligence inspires other Latin American startups to develop innovative solutions in their respective fields. This fosters competition and technological advancement in the region, driving the entrepreneurial ecosystem and promoting the development of disruptive ideas.

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