Brazil ranks first in startup development

According to a study by Startup Blink, these are the best countries for startups to grow. Mexico is in third place, and Argentina has dropped one spot compared to Colombia.
Brasil_México_Startup Blink
Brasil_México_Startup Blink_Ranking

In a list of 100 countries worldwide with the best conditions for startup development, 10 Latin American countries are ranked according to Startup Blink, the largest global map for such companies.

Within the region, Brazil stands out as the leader, once again securing the top spot in Latin America.

Furthermore, Colombia has surpassed Argentina, changing positions this year, while Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, and Ecuador maintain their positions within the region.

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Regarding the information provided by the study, HelloSafe highlights that:

  • Brazil is the best country for startups in Latin America and ranks 27th in the world’s best cities for startups in 2023.
  • Chile maintains its second position in the region and ranks 36th among the best countries for startups worldwide.
  • Mexico is the third-best country for startups in Latin America and ranks 37th globally in 2023.

Fuente:  HelloSafe

When it comes to cities, São Paulo is the undisputed leader in the region, with a score over 2.5 times higher than Mexico City, but Monterrey, Puebla, and Guadalajara are among the top 10 cities for startups in Latin America in 2023.

Fuente: HelloSafe

How does it impact venture capital?

  • Attraction of Investment: Brazil’s top ranking in startup development highlights its potential as a lucrative market for venture capital. Investors are likely to be drawn to the country, recognizing the opportunities for high-growth startups and the favorable ecosystem. This could result in increased investment inflows, both from domestic and international venture capital firms.
  • Boost to Funding Opportunities: The strong startup ecosystem in Brazil, along with its top-ranking status, can lead to improved funding opportunities for startups. As venture capital firms show more interest in the country, startups may have better access to funding rounds and increased chances of securing investments. This can support their growth, expansion, and innovation.
  • Competitive Landscape: The prominence of Brazil in startup development can foster a more competitive landscape for venture capital. With an abundance of promising startups and increased investor interest, venture capitalists may face competition among themselves to identify and invest in the most promising ventures. This can lead to higher valuations for startups and potentially drive more substantial investments.

How does it impact startups?

  • Enhanced Visibility and Opportunities: Brazil’s first-place ranking in startup development provides startups based in the country with enhanced visibility on the global stage. This increased recognition can attract attention from investors, partners, and potential customers worldwide, opening up new opportunities for collaboration, partnerships, and market expansion.
  • Access to Talent and Resources: A strong startup ecosystem often attracts a pool of talented individuals and resources. With Brazil leading the region in startup development, startups in the country may benefit from a larger talent pool of skilled professionals, mentors, and advisors who can contribute to their growth and success. Additionally, the availability of resources such as incubators, accelerators, and support networks can further bolster the startup ecosystem.
  • Ecosystem Development: Brazil’s top ranking can contribute to the overall development and maturity of the startup ecosystem within the country. It can attract more stakeholders, including experienced entrepreneurs, successful startups, and established corporations, who can actively participate in fostering a supportive environment for startups. This collaborative ecosystem can provide startups with valuable guidance, networks, and resources to navigate challenges and scale their businesses effectively.

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