Startups from LatAm selected by Village Capital for the Innovation for Ecosystem Restoration

The 57% of the selected startups are located in rural areas.

Village Capital, in collaboration with Moody’s, has announced the selection of 7 startups from Latin America to participate in the Innovation for Ecosystem Restoration program: LatAm 2023.

Out of a total of 13 startups from different countries that submitted applications, 7 were chosen to be part of this accelerator. 57% of these startups are based in rural areas outside of Latin America’s technology hubs, and 57% have a female founder or team member in leadership. Over 30% of the received applications focused on restoration solutions, followed by landscape restoration.

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Here are the seven selected startups that will contribute to ecosystem restoration in the region:

  1. Abonos Terrasur (Lima, Peru): Dedicated to the sale and distribution of laying hen manure for organic crops and soil regeneration.
  2. Carbonof (Mexico City, Mexico): Develops and finances forest and mangrove restoration projects through carbon offset generation.
  3. Nativas (Rosario, Argentina): Promotes ecosystem regeneration projects through a Blockchain-based technological platform.
  4. Nucleário (Copacabana, Brazil): Improves tree planting and monitoring process with products that optimize growth.
  5. PlantVerd Serviços Florestais (Indaiatuba, Brazil): Restores degraded areas through innovative technologies and ecosystem and community restoration.
  6. RIO AZUL OPIA SAS (Uruguay): Creates sustainable solutions to reduce water pollution.
  7. ATLAS Florestal (Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil): Plans, implements, and monitors productive forests.

These startups offer innovative and sustainable solutions to address environmental challenges and contribute to ecosystem restoration in Latin America.

What does it imply for Latin American startups?

  • Participating in Village Capital’s Innovation for Ecosystem Restoration program provides Latin American startups with a unique opportunity to boost their ecosystem restoration projects and access specialized resources and support.
  • Being selected for this program provides visibility and recognition in the industry, opening doors to new financing opportunities and collaborations with key stakeholders in the sector.
  • With the backing and guidance of Village Capital and its network of mentors and experts, Latin American startups can strengthen their growth and scalability capabilities while improving their strategies for sustainable business development and the creation of sustainable products or services.

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