Since last year, Nicolas Aramayo and Arturo Quiroz had among their objectives that Wareclouds would reach the Mexican market. Now, their new investment round of $1.4 million will make it possible for the Chilean collaborative logistics startup to arrive in the country. 

“In Wareclouds we store and assemble your orders close to your customers so they receive them cheaply and quickly” is how the company describes its work on its website.

In other words, the company’s business model is based on an online platform that connects small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are looking for a place to store their products with the owners of the homes where the stock is kept. The latter is in charge of putting together the order and sending it through the delivery service that the SME has contracted.

Meanwhile, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs will be able to monitor the entire process from the Warecloud platform. 

Wareclouds wants to be the logistics solution for SMEs in Mexico

Billed as the “Airbnb of logistics,” Warecloud has grown and forged itself as a solution for SMEs during this pandemic. As of September 2021, it had raised $100,000 with U.S. angel investors.

While this business model is working in Chile, now with the new capital they are looking to triple operations in their home country and expand: their next stop will be Mexico. 

There are around four million SMEs in Mexico, representing just over 99% of the country’s companies, according to INEGI. They also generate 72% of employment and 52% of GDP. 

However, one of the problems they face is those of digital transformation and logistics, points in which Wareclouds can be key.