Contxto – You know, it’s not all about founders and investors. The media (us included) primarily focuses on these two actors, and for good reason. After all, they’re pillars and crucial pieces within the ecosystem. 

Nevertheless, oftentimes we forget that startups entail more than just the founding team. Many other important people are also behind the ideation and development of these marvelous companies. Many more help with the distribution of the products we get to use, and in our case, write about.

Unfortunately, our team is quite small at the moment. Although we’re working hard to grow, cover broader topics, as well as interact more with the ecosystem’s players, it is still going to take some time.

But, this isn’t an excuse to not cover other important participants within the startup world.

More than a founding team!

For this reason, we’re trying something new on our Instagram page. Starting now, our Instagram feed will provide tips, hacks, quotes, learning experiences, and interviews with the teams behind Latin America’s most promising startups.

We’re reaching out to developers, graphic designers, content managers, data scientists, financial analysts, legal counselors, and more to tell their stories. To accomplish this, we plan on networking with a variety of startups from all across Latin America. 

We want to know what moves them, what advice they’d give to others in their field, what motto keeps them going through hard times, as well as what they love the most about working in an undoubtedly interesting industry.

At the end of the day, this is an ecosystem. All species and elements are crucial for its correct functioning.

Follow us @contxto_ so as not to miss all of this content, created by none other than our very own Cynthia Montiel and Ingrid von Putlitz!

If you’re interested in reaching out and answering some questions for use in this initiative, reach out to [email protected].