Zuru Latam, a technology company specializing in insurance for the logistics sector with a presence in Peru and Mexico, announced the formation of its Advisory Board.

This group, composed of prominent experts, will play a crucial role in providing strategic guidance in various areas of the business to drive development and success in Latin America.

An Advisory Board, also known as a advisory committee, does not have legally binding power, but it plays a fundamental role in providing advice, expertise, and strategic direction to an organization.

Its function is to offer ideas, recommendations, and support to facilitate informed decisions and effectively address challenges.

The members of this advisory board have been carefully selected for their ability to contribute to Zuru Latam’s expansion and growth objectives.

Among the experts who will be part of the Advisory Board are,

Manuel Almenara Ferreyros, an expert in Finance, Insurance, and Reinsurance, with solid experience at Swiss Re and as the Founder of Hello Zum.

Darío Luna Plá, Founding Partner of Akua Capital S.C., with experience in structuring the first Lloyd’s Syndicate in Mexico and creating super.mx, the first digital subscription agent in Mexico.

Roberto Ramón, an expert in USA Logistics and Cross-border Mexico-USA, currently Co-Founder and CEO at CLS Express, a company specialized in cross-border services and last-mile distribution in Texas.

These professionals, with outstanding backgrounds in their respective fields, will contribute their knowledge and perspectives to strengthen Zuru Latam’s strategic direction and contribute to the company’s continued growth in the region.

Zuru Latam Technology

Zuru Latam has created a digital platform using Genexus, a low-code driven by artificial intelligence.

Zuru’s technology is offered through two business divisions; one for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and another for logistics intermediaries (freight agencies, customs agencies, carriers).

The platform for SMEs is an ecommerce that allows the customer to quote and acquire cargo insurance policies in minutes (on-demand). Due to its connection with insurance companies, the platform can offer a competitive premium in the market, as it does not maintain the high operational expenses incurred when sales are made in a traditional manner.

On the other hand, its platform for logistics intermediaries allows this type of customer to distribute and sell insurance coverage to their entire client portfolio, enabling a new revenue stream for each policy sold.

Thus, the proposal is unique as it minimizes operational expenses and offers very competitive premiums, thanks to its direct connection with insurance companies, highlights Gianmarco Scarsi, CEO of the company.