Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Track.co acquires HFocus to expand its presence in the healthcare sector

This acquisition will give Track.co, a customer experience monitoring company, a 70% market share in the healthcare sector

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Customer experience is one of the key indicators that every company should have in mind, but not all of them can monitor. Companies like Track.co, and HFocus offer to do so.

Both platforms are dedicated to improving the customer experience when obtaining a service. The difference is that HFocus focuses on companies in the healthcare sector – which is why Track.co recently acquired it for an undisclosed amount.

The goal of the acquisition is that Track.co will be able to grow its services in the healthcare sector. The company is valued at $150 million reais (more than US$27 million). Like HFocus, it is a Brazilian company: Track.co was founded in 2012 by Luiz Martins de Carvalho, Tatiana Salles Carvalhais and Tomás Duarte; HFocus started in 2013, with José Choucaira as CEO.

Health sector opportunity for Track.co

Prior to the acquisition, 22% of Track.co’s revenues came from healthcare clients. However, with HFocus they expect to raise that figure to 35% with a 70% market share.

With HFocus on its side, Track.com will now monitor around 100 healthcare companies and 1,500 positions in the same area, Tomas Duarte, founder and CEO of Track.co told media.

Track.co had already reached 250 million consumers and 1,500 brands in ten countries using its customer experience data management platform.

Now, by closing this purchase, it is looking to double its revenues by 2022 and increase its headcount: both companies have 125 employees, and expect to reach 200 by the first quarter of 2023.

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