Contxto – Rakel is the latest Latin American startup using AI to streamline companies’ recruitment process. The new Colombian-Peruvian firm speeds up the hiring protocol by 65 percent, according to Portfolio, using IBM’s Watson software.

In Summary

In essence, Rakel makes the selection process among firms more “agile.” As society incorporates technology into everyday life, more companies are digitizing their staff models. As a result, this heightens efficiency and productivity.

More specifically, Rakel began as an offshoot of Ariane with support from IBM’s entrepreneurship program supporting startup development. Dedicated to helping partners to efficiently recruit human talent, the holding company creates AI products and services to achieve this.


IBM’s Watson platform allows Rakel to rapidly review resumes and interview notes. Via pattern recognition, the machinery automatically yet methodologically determines if candidates fit the company’s profile.

Traditionally, it may take a person up to five minutes to review a resume. With Watson, however, it only takes a fraction of a second. This should come to a relief to Human Resource departments across the world, especially in Latin America.

The first phase for Rakel will involve reviewing submissions for operative, assistance and entry-level professional positions, according to Silvia Ramírez, AI leader of Ariane.

Over time, she hopes that the subsidiary to oversee hiring for middle management positions. These include roles such as supervisors, leaders, managers and coordinators.

With Rakel’s arrival on the scene, Ariane expects to have 80 B2B clients as well as more than 5,000 improved processes in Colombia and Peru by the end of 2019. Worthy to note is that Ariane intends to expand to Ecuador and Argentina before the last quarter.

Although machines can’t analyze candidates “intangible” characteristics such as personality or humor, there’s much hope for technology to streamline the process.

“The selection processes should be a compliment,” said Martha Sanabria, AI & telecommunication manager at Hays in Colombia. “On one hand, artificial intelligence allows accelerating the selection of the most suitable candidates.”

“Also, it speeds up their evaluation and hiring and also allows recruiters to focus on the most human aspect of the process. This offers a more personalized service to clients and candidates.”