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Contxto – Deep in the land of Peru, in the Lima-based offices of Máximo, the software team forged a master e-wallet, and into this e-wallet they poured all their passion, their knowledge, and their will to reshape the fintech scene.

One e-wallet to rule them all.

Lord of the Rings lore aside, Peruvian startup, Máximo announced its e-wallet app is ready to be released into the world. And at least for now, it’s targeting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

As a result, the fintech has initiated a pre-launch campaign wherein users can sign up for the e-wallet on its website or through its social media. The app itself will be launched for Android and iOS in April of this year, according to a press release

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SMEs need the e-wallet edge

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been estranged/annoyed that the store near my home doesn’t accept electronic payments. I want to support local businesses, but it would appear they don’t want my money.

There’s no doubt SMEs play a crucial role in our economy. Nonetheless, the digital wave being ridden by large companies gives them an edge in terms of payment flexibility to draw in more customers.

In that sense, Máximo wants to make a difference.

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Máximo wants to give its max for Peruvian SMEs

The fintech’s approach to their situation is two-fold. 

First, through products like this e-wallet, it wants to give business owners the tech tools larger competitors already have and relish. Likewise, some of the solutions the fintech developed include:

  • QR code payment system
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Loaning feature for the business’ employees
  • Digital debit card

And second, “tools” to further the financial education of business owners. Although I’m not entirely sure what it means by “tools,” the press release stated that these would help business owners build their credit history.

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