Healthtechs Yana and Live 4 Life join to expand employee wellbeing

Contxto – Collaborations have been an important step for expansion this year. Startup Yana has not been the exception. Thanks to their collaboration with their fellow healthtech, Live 4 Life, now Peruvian workers have access to Yana’s virtual companion. 

Live 4 Life is a Peruvian healthtech startup focused on designing wellness programs for their customers. Their programs involve psychological activities, sports, entertainment, and healthy diets. It all happens on their platform. 

Live 4 Life keeps developing alliances to improve their offering. Their most recent alliance has been quite a fruitful one with Yana, a Mexican healthtech startup that provides support to employees through their virtual companion. 

Yana 4 Life

The technology behind this virtual companion is quite an interesting one.

On one hand, the platform listens to and helps the employee. On the other, the app collects data through employee interactions so the company can detect depression and anxiety in certain departments.

Creepy? Sure. But this way, and by following the startup’s recommendations, specific action can be taken to improve employee’s wellbeing. 

Thanks to the collaboration between Live 4 Life and Yana, now some expansion plans have been set into motion since now peruvian companies can take better care of their employees with the virtual companion that Yana offers.

Expanding through collaborations

This year has been a hard one on all of us.

No need to go on about Covid-19 and its consequences while you read us from your home office. But if we take a look at the ecosystem, we may also be able to detect an interesting trend in terms of the collaborations and alliances that have come to light. 

Of course Live 4 Life and Yana’s Collaboration is one example for geographical expansion. We saw this too when Fintual decided to expand into Mexico through their partnership with Invermerica

Geographical expansion is not necessarily the only outcome.

Take into account the collaboration between Kiwi Campus, Shopify, and Ordermark. This partnership allowed the expansion of services for the last-mile delivery robots into the realms of B2B services.

We saw it too when SinDelantal partnered up with Milagros Caninos, a charity set up to help vulnerable dogs.

We’ve seen expansions in marketshare when Bitso started collaborating with Ripple, which also allowed them to improve their transactions’ efficiency.

And the list goes on. So the next time you receive one of those famous “partnership emails”, maybe you’ll think twice before sending it straight to the trash bin. As they say: “When life gives you lemons, set up a strategic partnership with a lemonade scaleup.”


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