> The management company, shareholder of companies such as Jobandtalent, Seedtag and Lingokids, will continue to invest in companies in seed and Series A rounds, mainly in the European market.

According to the prospectus approved by the CNMV, Acurio Ventures III will focus on seed and Series A rounds, i.e., in operations below €10 million in most cases. However, it may also enter at earlier stages or in growth phases. The geographic focus will be mainly the European market, with “special attention” to Spanish companies or those whose main operations or business center is in this country.

The new company will be launched with an initial placement period of twelve months, extendable for an additional six months. Unlike the main fund launched last year, the new prospectus makes no mention of the potential entry of Fondico Next Tech, ICO’s fund of funds.

With this €150 million to invest, All Iron would almost double its assets under management. Since its launch, the fund manager has invested in more than 60 companies and has a portfolio of eleven European funds that it has backed through its own vehicle.

The launch of Acurio Ventures III comes against a backdrop of a tightening global private equity market. According to Pitchbook, fund managers raised $30.4 billion in the first quarter of this year, the worst start since 2016. Increased investor caution has weighed in the last two years, in the face of a lower proportion of startup sales or IPOs.