Founded in 2021 by Bosco González del Valle and Javier Ausín, Bcas offers a flexible financing solution that allows students to cover their education costs, only starting to repay once they secure a job.

This model aims to enable talented students, regardless of their financial background, to pursue post-graduate courses and high-quality training programs in fields such as cybersecurity, data science, and AI. In just two years, Bcas has facilitated over €8 million in financing for more than 1,500 students, establishing itself as Spain’s leader in ISA (Income Share Agreement) funding.

The European Investment Fund (EIF) is backing Bcas with guarantees for a €30 million initiative. This partnership aims to train 7,000 students in high-demand skills, independent of their socio-economic status. Part of the “InvestEU Skills and Education” action plan, this initiative is designed to help students gain the skills most sought after by employers and enhance their employability.

Financial barriers prevent many students from accessing quality education, leading to unequal opportunities in the job market. Bosco González del Valle, co-founder and CEO of Bcas, emphasized the significance of this milestone: “Securing our first partnership with a bank is a game-changer. This funding will go directly to educational institutions, fueling our growth and expanding our impact.”

In collaboration with over 60 educational institutions—including Ironhack, The Bridge, ISDI, ThePower, 4Geeks, UNIR, EIP, and HACK A BOSS—Bcas has become Spain’s leading provider of ISA funding. The platform has facilitated more than €8 million in student financing, helping over 1,500 students in just two years.

Javier Ausín, co-founder and COO of Bcas, highlighted the company’s innovative scoring system: “Our scoring system has enabled us to finance over 1,500 students rapidly. We’re already seeing these students secure better job opportunities. This partnership with EIF reflects our shared vision and marks a significant milestone for Bcas.”

Bcas’s strategic transformation and commitment to accessible education are driving its growth and expanding its reach, making it a key player in the education finance sector.

With the latest funding and strategic partnerships, Bcas is well-positioned to continue breaking down financial barriers and providing equal opportunities for students worldwide.