LogShare Secures $2.4M to Boost Brazil’s Freight Industry

ONEVC led the round, with Seedstars International Ventures, FJ Labs, Oxygea, Valutia, Silence, Rally Cap, and Niu Ventures participating.
LogShare Founders: Glauber Alves COO, Pedro Prado CEO and Eduardo Souza CTO LogShare Founders: Glauber Alves COO, Pedro Prado CEO and Eduardo Souza CTO
LogShare Founders: Glauber Alves COO, Pedro Prado CEO and Eduardo Souza CTO

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The funds will support LogShare’s mission to enhance backhaul freight occupancy by aggregating data from various companies’ freight routes, enabling the sale of unused route capacity.

Brazil’s road freight market, valued at $42 billion in 2020, is projected to grow to $48 billion by 2027. Long-haul segments, which LogShare focuses on, make up 55% of the market. The platform addresses inefficiencies, as 38% of trucks in Latin America operate empty. CEO Pedro Prado highlighted this issue, noting LogShare’s role in reducing waste through shared logistics assets.

LogShare differentiates itself through its network effects, team expertise, and focus. The team has over 15 years of executive experience in addressing logistical challenges and has dedicated years to refining LogShare’s solution. The company has also invested substantial resources in developing a robust algorithm designed to optimize freight routes and logistics. As more companies join the platform, the availability of idle routes increases, fostering greater collaboration and reducing freight costs.

Launched in 2022, LogShare has achieved key milestones, including partnerships with major companies like Unilever, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Mondelez, and BRF. The company has expanded its workforce by over 60% in the last year. The new funding will help LogShare expand into new segments, improve its products, and hire top talent. LogShare aims to grow its client base, increase its share of wallet, and extend its reach across Latin America.

“The key to success lies in collaboration, specialization, and collective determination,” said Glauber Alves, COO and Co-founder of LogShare. He emphasized the shift towards collaboration in logistics, partly driven by the pandemic and sustainability concerns. LogShare benefits from a structure where each shipper knows their role and contributes to collective success.

Alice Lepique, VP at ONEVC, expressed enthusiasm for LogShare’s progress. “We at ONEVC couldn’t be more excited to continue our support. LogShare is already delivering significant cost savings and reducing carbon emissions with their backhaul marketplace. Their approach leverages technology and data to become the ‘logistics teams’ copilot,’ orchestrating a seamless ecosystem of freight providers.”

Charlie Graham-Brown, General Partner at Seedstars International Ventures, noted the challenge of solving the backhaul logistics problem. “LogShare has cracked this dynamic, demonstrating a deep understanding of the Brazilian market. We believe they can drive real change.”

Vitor Moreira, Managing Director at Oxygea, highlighted LogShare’s potential. “Their platform leverages network effects and cutting-edge tech to solve a complex problem. We’re impressed by their partnerships and growth vision. By backing LogShare, we’re contributing to a more efficient and sustainable future for logistics in LatAm.”

Reinaldo Normand, Co-Founder and GP at Niu Ventures, shared similar sentiments. “As the first institutional investor in LogShare, we are thrilled to double down in this round. We have witnessed their remarkable progress and maturity as a company over the past two years. This is just the beginning for LogShare.”

LogShare’s successful seed funding round and impressive traction demonstrate the company’s potential to drive meaningful change in Brazil’s logistics industry and beyond. For more information, visit LogShare.

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