On the premise that the future of work is remote, Atlas, a Chicago-based human resources tech company that enables businesses to hire staff from different parts of the world, recently announced the start of its operations in Latin America, opening an office in Brazil. This comes after raising US$200 million in its Series B last September. Rick Hammell, CEO of Atlas, answered Contxto’s questionnaire.


In simple terms, what is Atlas?

Atlas allows companies to hire people anywhere in the world so they can expand into other markets without having to open legal entities in each country. We have a solution that solves the recruitment process from start to finish faster and at a lower cost than if the company were to do the process independently. 

How is it different from others companies?
We were the forerunners of the idea that today is known in the market as EOR – Employer of Record – and today, we are the main company that works without intermediaries. I was working for the US government when I had to hire people in other countries and realized that it was impossible to do it. Then, I realized there was a great opportunity to start a business; today, we have the ability to hire in more than 160 countries.

Rick Hammell, CEO of Atlas (Photo: Atlas)

How do you generate revenue?
We charge an administrative fee for the services we provide to companies, which involves using our “Atlas HXM” platform, implementation, support, the whole process of onboarding the new employee, insights on markets and laws, payment of salaries and taxes, among other benefits.

What achievement of your company are you most proud of?
Being the pioneer of EOR and seeing that today it is something that has become essential for companies to expand is something I am very proud of. But, speaking of Atlas’ development, our $200 million investment round last year was an important step for the expansion we started in 2023.

What’s next for Atlas?
International expansion, with local teams working closely with clients, investment in technology that facilitates the coordination of our clients’ teams and improves the employee experience, as well as localization of our system in Portuguese and Spanish. 

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