The Chilean startup Rankmi drives Artificial Intelligence focused on human capital management

With an ambitious outlook, Rankmi anticipates the release of six AI-based tools in the upcoming months.
Rankmi Chile Startup IA
The Chilean startup takes a step forward in human resources-focused technology | Photo: Rankmi

Rankmi, a prominent platform optimizing human resources processes, has taken a step forward with the launch of Rankmi Genius, an innovative ecosystem that integrates solutions based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This advancement is a secure bridge for businesses wishing to venture into AI.

Originally from Chile and founded in 2014, Rankmi has charted an upward journey, especially with its recent merger with the Mexican firm Osmos in March 2023. This alliance has allowed Rankmi to accelerate its adoption of AI in people management.

The Rankmi Genius ecosystem comprises three essential tools:

  • Clima Insight: A tool that analyzes thousands of responses from workplace climate surveys, providing classifications, analysis, and synthesis of the collected information.
  • Performance Insight: Focused on analyzing performance evaluation results, this solution offers detailed reports on employee performance. It also provides valuable insights and development strategies, enriching the feedback given to collaborators.
  • Action Genius: Capable of creating action plans based on workplace climate surveys, this tool aims to expand to other critical areas of human management.

Felipe Cuadra, CXO and co-founder of Rankmi emphasizes that the introduction of Rankmi Genius directly addresses the inherent challenges in the human resources field. He mentions that although performance evaluations have existed since 1916, debates persist on maximizing their utility. The solution, Cuadra states, is the implementation of AI technologies.

Manuela Iglesias, Head of People Analytics & AI, underscores the ecosystem’s priority in ensuring data integrity and complying with international security and privacy standards. The user-friendly and intuitive design of the tools, combined with the added value they bring to the business, solidify Rankmi Genius’s value proposition.

The challenges in human resource management are tangible. Two thousand twenty-three data from OfficeVibe reveals that 64% of collaborators feel the feedback they receive doesn’t meet expectations. Additionally, a 2021 Deloitte report indicates that only 8% of companies regard their performance management process as highly effective. These findings underscore the importance of cutting-edge solutions like Rankmi Genius in today’s business world.

With an ambitious vision, Rankmi anticipates the launch of six more AI-based tools in the coming months.

“We see this as the real revolution in people management. Our goal is for AI to be integrated into our client’s daily routine,” concludes Iglesias.

Additionally, according to a survey conducted by Ipsos at the end of 2021, countries like Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Chile have a high acceptance of the use of Artificial Intelligence among their inhabitants, undoubtedly making this an enormously interesting and valuable market for technologies like the ones Rankmi is implementing in the Andean country.

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