HubSpot introduces “Bootstrap Latin America” to boost LatAm startups

HubSpot launches “Bootstrap Latin America” to support Latina startups, offering discounts on tools and resources to drive sustainable business growth
HubSpot Bootstrap Latin America Startup
HubSpot provides LatAm startups with tools to take them to the next level | Image: HubSpot

Entrepreneurs in Latin America now have a new opportunity to boost their projects significantly. The renowned software company HubSpot has introduced “Bootstrap Latin America,” an innovative program designed specifically for regional startups. This initiative provides startup founders with direct access to discounts on HubSpot’s key technological tools, essential for growth, sales management, customer administration, and website creation.

Historically, these advantages were restricted to entrepreneurs affiliated with incubators, accelerators, or associated public and private entities. However, “Bootstrap Latam” has leveled the playing field. Any founder can apply for access to the program by visiting HubSpot’s official site for startups in Latin America.

Globally recognized for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, HubSpot has long been committed to assisting businesses of all sizes in their sustainable growth objectives. “Bootstrap” is just the latest in a long list of initiatives designed to support companies on their upward trajectory. While “Bootstrap’s” focus is on startups, HubSpot’s range of solutions caters to the needs of various businesses, regardless of their size or industry.

Eligibility for Bootstrap Latin America

Startups looking to leverage this program must be B2B or B2C tech companies  headquartered in Latin America, founded within the last five years, and have fewer than 25 employees. A key stipulation is that they should not currently be associated with any incubator or accelerator.

Upon joining the program, founders gain access to a free HubSpot account. They can obtain substantial discounts if they upgrade to more advanced packages,  with a 50% discount in the first year and a continuous 25% discount after that.

Recognized in over 120 countries and with a user base exceeding 180,000, HubSpot has set a standard in technological tools designed to empower and grow businesses. HubSpot’s CRM offering is particularly robust, facilitating the automation of various tasks freeing up teams to focus on sales, marketing, and customer service. Their integrated platform provides businesses with everything from marketing to sales management, customer care, and content creation.

The “HubSpot for Startups” program is not new to HubSpot’s portfolio. Launched over a decade ago, this free program has been an invaluable resource for founders. With a registration process taking less than three minutes, it offers a free account and discounts of up to 50% on HubSpot’s professional packages. More than 25,000 customers have already taken advantage of this offer, benefiting from software discounts and a range of additional perks like master classes, events, and competitions

Those interested in learning more or enrolling in “Bootstrap Latin America” or “HubSpot for Startups” can visit the official HubSpot website.

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