Chilean startup Zapping arrives in Brazil in partnership with Globo TV channel

This move marks the beginning of Zapping’s international expansion strategy, and builds on Brazil’s advanced technological infrastructure and large audience.
Zapping-Chile-Globo TV-Brasil Zapping-Chile-Globo TV-Brasil

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Zapping, the online television platform based in Chile, has embarked on a major expansion to the Brazilian market, establishing a collaboration with Globo TV, one of the most prominent channels in Brazil. This move marks the beginning of its international growth strategy after acquiring Guigo TV, a local Brazilian company, in October 2022, founded by Renato Svirsky.

With this strategic decision, Zapping has established a local presence, assembling a team of 15 individuals for a better understanding of the market and to strengthen relationships with local providers. Gustavo Morandé, CEO of Zapping, has highlighted the importance of this foray into the Brazilian market, considering it a crucial milestone for the company:

“With more than 200 million inhabitants, Brazil has all the characteristics for Zapping to be successful: it is a very large market, with a developed television industry and one of the best fiber optic penetration rates in the region”.

Renato Svirsky, founder of Guigo TV and now country manager of Zapping in Brazil, emphasized the vast growth potential of the Brazilian market compared to Chile’s.

“I believe that Zapping’s technology and its various functionalities offer an experience never seen before in our country, taking content to another level of usability. In Brazil, television plays an important role, and Zapping arrives with an innovative bet and another way of watching television,” Svirsky mentioned.

The strategic alliance with Globo TV is essential to this bold move. Globo TV is one of Brazil’s largest and most recognized channels, giving Zapping access to a massive audience and solid backing in the market.

Zapping Brasil offers a wide selection of channels, with 35 signals available in the Lite and Lite plans, and 74 channels in the Full plan. In addition to the advanced features already distinctive of the application in Chile, such as the Replay function, Video on Demand (VOD), Twitter Feed, and the Sports Mode, Zapping has also introduced innovations designed to enhance user experience in the Brazilian market.

Globo TV is the second-largest television network in the world, only behind ABC, reaching over 100 million people a day in Brazil, almost half of the country’s population, according to the latest data published by Kantar Ibope Media in the Amazonian country. This indicates that despite the rise of internet media and the influence of social networks, the major weight of public opinion still resides in television, making this a highly valuable strategic alliance for Zapping.

In summary, Zapping has taken a significant step into the Brazilian market, supported by its partnership with Globo TV and its focus on providing a unique television experience. With the existing technological infrastructure and such a large market ahead, the company is well-positioned for significant growth in Brazil and beyond, as it advances in its international expansion strategy.

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