Daeki, the Chilean startup using saliva to diagnose diabetes

daeki, the chilean startup using saliva to diagnose diabetes
daeki, the chilean startup using saliva to diagnose diabetes

Contxto – Hailing from Chile, Daeki is a startup using saliva to detect Type 2 Diabetes. In the future, this technology could potentially work for multiple diseases. As a healthtech, it offers users a test kit that can give a diagnosis in just a few minutes. 

Even better, it’s non-invasive, meaning there’s no need to prick a patient’s finger and draw blood to spot the disease. How cool does that sound? 

Being able to detect multiple diseases with no early symptoms could soon become a reality. Thanks to Daeki and its innovative technology, it’s now possible to detect Type Two Diabetes within minutes.

daeki, the chilean startup using saliva to diagnose diabetes

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daeki, the chilean startup using saliva to diagnose diabetes

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Daeki is a Biotech Startup Company that focuses on creating the next generation of detection and diagnostic devices for a series of diseases”, according to the website.

The Chilean startup created the technology necessary to detect multiple diseases with little to no early symptoms in the most timely manner. To achieve this, Daeki uses saliva samples. 

As an alternative solution to the tedious but useful blood sample test, Daeki has created a non-invasive portable device. Not only does the device measure cholesterol, but also glucose, hormones and other indicators.


A test with results within minutes. Users can detect Type Two Diabetes with a single test strip. To accomplish this, Daeki provides users with a detection kit that includes a sample container, one test strip, as well as a saliva extraction kit. 

Using lateral flow technology and antibodies, the detection home kit can be used at any time and in non-sterile environments. The strip “contains molecules designed to bind with specific nucleic acid sequences found in saliva that are associated with diabetes,” as said on their website.

A very simple and quick process that could change your life. The only thing users must do is extract their saliva, place it in the sample container, and then put the strip on the container. Just wait a few minutes and the results will eventually appear.


The team has known each other for years. Together, they decided to develop a solution to the problem that they are so passionate about.

Founders Amanda Céspedes and Diego Alvarez have had experiences with undetected diseases, specifically Type Two Diabetes. This inspired them to create Daeki. Know they get to help others identify and treat their conditions before it’s too late.

Their main motivation was Alvarez’s grandfather. Sadly, he passed away from Diabetes.

“It is such a common disease and is often undetected”, they both told Startup Stories in an interview. “Nearly 50 percent of people with Type Two Diabetes remain undiagnosed and 90 percent of people with prediabetes are undiagnosed”

The whole point of this project is to help people with prediabetes to detect it and start treatment immediately.


Amanda Céspedes, Diego Alvarez and Camilo Berrios all went to school together. For one of their classes, they had to develop a mock startup. It was during this class that the concept was born. 

Launching a company while still being undergraduates is definitely something to applaud. After seeing the potential Daeki had, they decided to participate in Startup Chile. 


Recently, the team participated in the RebelBio accelerator in London. Like many startups, Daeki’s team took this opportunity to internationalize themselves. By providing them with both money and advice, RebelBio has really accelerated the company’s process. 

Currently, Daeki is in a pre-seed investment round. As the fundraising continues, the startup hopes to raise £$150 thousand in the European Union to continue onto its next stage of development. 

Business Model

Though still in the pre-revenue stages, Daeki plans to function with a B2C business model. Part of its intentions is to sell products to healthcare companies providing treatment products or services. Additionally, the distributors will be able to sell it to individual customers, use it during consults or sell it to other healthcare providers. 

Regarding the target audience, the venture wants to work with people who are afraid of needles and experience high cholesterol levels. After all, diabetes tends to lower “good” cholesterol levels and raise triglyceride, otherwise known as “bad” cholesterol. Both may increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Venture funding

According to Start-Up Chile, the company has raised approximately US$40,000 by participating in Start-Up Chile, Brain Chile, in addition to One Start Americas. Also, Daeki has received government funds. However, participating now in RebelBio is what’s taking them to the next level.


Right now, Daeki is creating supplemental technology to detect diseases other than diabetes. The device will be able to measure multiple indicators. With Daeki, patients will ultimately save time and money on medical procedures. 


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