Contxto – Spanish startup, Mr Jeff, raised €10.4 million – around US$12 million – during a Series A funding round led by All Iron Ventures. The mission: expand operations to Panama, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Source: Mr Jeff’s website

Mr Jeff is an app where users can conveniently request dry cleaning and laundry services. Company employees pick up the clothes and deliver them (cleaned and ironed) back to the client’s home in less than 48 hours.

The company started in Valencia, Spain in 2015. Now, it has over 1,000 franchises operating across seven different countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Colombia.

The funding round will help the company consolidate operations in these countries while expanding to new ones.

Our good results have been key to winning, once again, the confidence of investors. We have demonstrated that Mr. Jeff’s business model and franchise network is a validated project in a strategic sector…

Eloi Gómez, Mr Jeff’s CEO

The latest round of funding came a few months after the startup acquired Brazil’s largest laundry and dry cleaning franchise, Lava è Leva. The Brazilian franchise owned more than 350 laundromats across the Portuguese-speaking country.

Not only did the strategic deal ensure the company’s expansion to Brazil but to Latin America, as well. This will help the company consolidate operations in their current countries and, eventually, expand to Panama, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Their goal is to operate in 30 different countries by the end of 2019.

I really need to check these guys out.

– VC