GoodMeal, the app that sells daily surplus food at reduced prices, partnered with convenience store chain Oxxo to manage its food waste.

The pilot started in 10 Oxxo stores in the Metropolitan Region, aiming for 50 stores by year’s end to rescue over 150 tons of food in 2024.

GoodMeal, founded by Maximiliano Acosta and Rodrigo Haydar in 2020, focuses on partnerships with 2,500 brands including cafes, bakeries, and hotels. The app, with 1 million users in 14 regions, will expand to all 370 Oxxo stores nationwide by January 2025.

GoodMeal has raised $1.4 million from Start-Up Chile and Broota. Their app users save up to 70% on food from partners like Unimarc, Walmart Chile, and Accor hotels. Each transaction earns GoodMeal a 20-25% commission.

Their new wine category, launched with Viña Emiliana and others, offers discounted, imperfectly labeled wines.