7 Startups from Guadalajara conquering the fintech space

7 Startups From Guadalajara Conquering The Fintech Space
7 startups from guadalajara conquering the fintech space

Contxto – One of the things I love about Mexican entrepreneurship is that there’s still a long way to go. Opportunities are everywhere and things are just getting started.

As many of you know, Guadalajara is one of the three most important startup hubs in Mexico; along with CDMX and Monterrey, and it is proving its leadership through many successful cases, specially in the Fintech sector.

Actually, last August Guadalajara positioned itself as the second largest Fintech hub in Mexico, with over 30 startups, surpassing even Monterrey.

The following startups represent a small sample of the ambition, passion, and great management Tapatio companies have.

7 startups from guadalajara conquering the fintech space7 startups from guadalajara conquering the fintech space

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7 startups from guadalajara conquering the fintech space

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Startups from Guadalajara


Transfer your debt. If you have high-interest loans, Digitt is your place. Basically they restructure your loans’ interest by acquiring your debt, and letting you regain control over your personal finances. These guys are seriously taking one for the team.


P2P lending platform that helps small-investors earn a “way better than average” return on their invested cash, and allows debtors to get a more accesible loan or even restructure their high-interest debts.


Billpocket can turn your smartphone into a point-of-sale terminal. With the help of a physical device that connects via bluetooth to the mobile app, you can charge anyone, anywhere.


It is an online micro-credit web portal. Kueski helps people that need liquidity quickly, by lending small amounts of money (up to $2,000 MXN per loan), and saving your ass(ets) in those moments when you need it the most.

100 Ladrillos

Real Estate Marketplace, managed by a trust, that allows users to invest in Real Estate (by fractions) through their blockchain technology. 100 Ladrillos’ system creates transparency, safety, accessibility and immediacy to investors.


To all of those crypto-fans, read closely. Volabit allows users to trade cryptocurrencies easily and safely. Within a couple of clicks, you could be trading any amount at the price you set.


Aspiria is a business lending platform, that allows companies to increase their liquidity and improve their access to working capital. The struggle is real to a lot of small and medium-sized companies that could benefit from their services.

Of course there are way more startups out there, so I’ll keep updating this list; however these are just a few you should keep track of, ’cause they’re going big.

Jalisco is going big, baby.

– VC.

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