The startup founded in 2023, has raised $200,000 to develop a networking app in the United States. The company was created by 26-year-old engineer Javiera Jiménez, who previously worked at Chilean tech startups like Kuick.

Initially, Grupi aimed to combat post-pandemic isolation by facilitating social meetups in physical locations. After failing to secure funding in Chile, Jiménez moved to Miami in May 2022, where the project pivoted to focus on business networking.

Jiménez identified three critical gaps in Miami’s entrepreneurial ecosystem:

  • lack of networks,

  • access to capital,

  • and talent acquisition.

With this in mind, she secured funding from a Chilean-American angel investor and formed a partnership with a coworking space in Wynwood to help startups connect and establish themselves in Miami.

Grupi, currently in beta with 1,600 active users, uses AI to map attendees at events and connect people with similar professional and personal interests. The app will follow a freemium business model, offering a free version with additional features available for a fee.