Leroy Merlin and Pefisa launch ‘Leroy Merlin Pay’, a revolutionary financial platform

Leroy Merlin teams up with Pefisa to launch Leroy Merlin Pay, a financial platform providing exclusive solutions and benefits to consumers.
Leroy Merlin y Pefisa Leroy Merlin y Pefisa
The new platform accompanies the Celebre card, which was created to cater to different consumer profiles | Photo: Leroy Merlin

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Leroy Merlin has allied with Pefisa, the fintech of Pernambucanas, to launch Leroy Merlin Pay, a financial platform designed to assist consumers throughout their purchasing process.

This tool consolidates information, allowing users to view their invoices and limits, make advance payments, carry out transfers like Pix, and more. Additionally, loans, insurance, and investments can be requested, and access to a loyalty program is granted.

Similarly, the Celebre card has been introduced, tailored to various buyer profiles. Depending on the shape, there are different cards with specialized packages and payment options in up to 10 interest-free installments.

Leroy Merlin Pay integrates with Leroy Merlin com Você, its loyalty program. The more it’s used, the more points are earned to secure special discounts. Users can enjoy promotional campaigns based on the retail calendar, earning additional points and exclusive benefits.

With the card, payments can be made in up to 36 installments, with variable interest rates depending on the card type. It also offers direct credit and annual installment discounts. The company backing the card is Elo, a Brazilian payment technology firm. The cards will feature debit and credit functions in the Elo Mais, Elo Grafite, and Elo Nanquim versions, all with exclusive benefits, such as early event access.

Regarding customer loyalty, the collaboration between Pefisa and Leroy Merlin was previously mentioned in September by Fabiano Rustice, CIO of Pernambucanas, at the Latam Retail Show, the main B2B retail event in Latin America. He indicated that a solution was under development for a prominent construction retailer.

Rustice noted that the credit card is crucial for retaining customers. Users enjoy perks, such as discounts and cashback, in-store. The digital bank has expanded its reach, from ATMs in São Paulo subway stations to select stores.

One highlighted initiative was the Palmeiras football team’s card, which, given the fans’ passion, has been successful, offering discounts and exclusive experiences with players and official merchandise.

Digital payment platforms are booming globally. To put it in perspective, Visa is the undisputed leader among global payment processors, with over USD $10 trillion in payments processed annually. However, the other two global credit card giants, Mastercard and American Express, have already been overtaken by competing digital and mobile payment providers.

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