Mexican startup Allie is one of the 20 most promising in the world

Allie Systems, which specializes in the automation of B2B workflows based on artificial intelligence, achieved an important recognition for Latin America, after being named one of the 20 most promising startups.
Allie Systems es una de las 20 startups más prometedoras en el mundo. Allie Systems es una de las 20 startups más prometedoras en el mundo.

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The Mexican company Allie Systems, specializing in B2B workflow automation based on artificial intelligence and focusing on the industry 4.0, achieved significant recognition in the Latin American business world after being designated one of the top startups worldwide.

This distinction granted Allie Systems the opportunity to participate in TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, an event where they will showcase their innovations alongside other startups in the artificial intelligence category.

This event takes place from September 19 to 21, providing Allie Systems with the possibility to interact and connect with investors, attend exclusive events, and compete for a prize.

TechCrunch Disrupt has established itself as one of the most important global stages for startups, offering a platform for growing startups to showcase themselves in their industry and capture the attention of international investors.

This year’s edition featured the Startup Battlefield 200, a competition that received 25 thousand startup applications. Out of these, only 200 were selected to compete for a cash prize of USD$100,000.

Allie Systems managed to position itself among the top 20 finalists and was the only Mexican startup selected; a noteworthy achievement for entrepreneurship throughout Latin America.

In recent years, LATAM has experienced significant technological growth, reflected in the quantity and quality of emerging companies in the region. This development goes hand in hand with a notable evolution of talent in many Latin American countries.

This has caught global attention due to the quality, efficiency, and competitive costs of talent in the region. This combination has led to an increase in international companies seeking talent in LATAM.

Mexico is making immense progress in technology and the world is watching, so being part of the largest stage for startups is an honor and a testament to what Latin America can offer,” stated Alex Sandoval, CEO of Allie Systems.

“We are thrilled to continue expanding Allie’s reach, and the TC event is a great opportunity for us to make an impression with great leaders and potential investors,” added the executive.

Before the pandemic, these advancements in Latin America were already prominent, but disruptions in the global supply chain caused by the health emergency and tensions between countries like China and the United States propelled major manufacturers to shift their focus from the Asian giant to locations closer to their consumer markets.

This positioned Mexico’s industrial and manufacturing sectors as preferred destinations for companies like Phillips and Tesla, which will likely attract significant investments estimated between USD$60,000 and USD$150,000 billion over the next decade.

Allie Systems was founded by Alex Sandoval and Nicolás Degiorgis, former members of Rappi and Google, with 20 years of experience. Both set out to create a system that combines Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, and machine learning to improve processes in the heavy machinery and manufacturing sector.

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