Mexican startup grows 200% in one year

The Mexican startup had a significant growth that reached 200% in revenue in one year, which consolidated it as a platform that boosts business sales through WhatsApp.
Startup had a 200% growth in revenues in one year, which consolidated it as a reliable platform for business sales.

The startup experienced significant growth, reaching 200% in its revenues in one year, consolidating itself as a platform that empowers business sales through WhatsApp.

As of August 2023, it has conducted transactions with more than 350 clients and expanded its operations to four countries in Latin America.

Originating from Mexico City, emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021.

Its operation is based on the immediate sending of information to potential customers via WhatsApp, encompassing businesses of various sizes, from large corporations to entrepreneurs who market products through Instagram.

“At, we set out to empower businesses in the digital era, and it’s inspiring to see the growth and impact achieved. The expansion in Latin America and the strategic alliances reflect our commitment and vision.

“By integrating Artificial Intelligence, we continue to bring advanced technology to all businesses to help them grow alongside their sales,” explained Aleks García, CEO and co-founder of the startup.

Additionally, through the support of technology, the platform assists companies in managing their communications on WhatsApp, providing multi-user access to their entire sales and customer service team.

Moreover, it allows the configuration of a chatbot for automatic responses and conversation classification, identifying and prioritizing relevant sales opportunities through Artificial Intelligence. has announced that its clientele comes from various countries, including Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, and Spain. Currently, they are focused on a strategy to reach the Latin community in the United States and Brazil.

To achieve this goal, they have established strategic alliances with META and Stripe, and they were recently chosen by Amazon as one of the 10 startups in Mexico with which synergies and investments will be generated, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence to drive their growth. has been established as a Publicly-Owned Promoting Investment Company (SAPI), is in the process of raising capital, and is in discussions with various venture capital funds.

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