The Chilean startup Migtra has ventured into the Colombian market with its technologies aimed at improving efficiency and preventing accidents in transportation systems used in the industrial ecosystem.

These solutions, based on artificial intelligence, are already implemented in sectors such as mining and logistics. The company has also established operations in Peru.

During this semester, Migtra has begun operating in Colombia and is in discussions with key market players, such as Ecopetrol, the main petroleum producer in this South American country.

In the significant coal mining industry with Mina Cerrejón by Anglo American and Glencore, as well as with Grupo Bimbo. All of this, considering their previous experience applying technology in sectors such as mining and retail, among others.

“We are confident that this expansion into such a large, dynamic, and industrialized market will allow us to expand our customer base and help in the path of internationalization we are pursuing with clients in other countries,” said Mauricio Ocampo, head of the startup’s operations in this country.

Migtra aims to achieve an annual revenue of USD$600,000 by the end of the first year, through their solutions focused on productivity and security, with the goal of doubling this figure in the following year.

The company began its operations in Chile in 2017 and aims to generate revenue of USD$1.2 million by 2023. It is worth mentioning that their entry into the Colombian market has been achieved without the need to raise additional funds.

Among Migtra’s clients in Chile are companies such as SQM, Minera Centinela, SPL, Enex, Abastible, Agrosuper, Green America, Coseducam, Nazar, Verasay, and Transportes PPT.

“In creating the initial networks, helping us generate networking opportunities and key contacts for the development of some of the initial proposals,” said Pedro García, CEO and founder of the company.