For the selection process, the accelerator used artificial intelligence to examine the business models still popular in the region.


The Latin American accelerator of Chilean origin, Platanus Ventures, presents its sixth generation amidst the boom in investments in early-stage startups.

Batch 6 of Platanus Ventures is filled with startups in the marketplace industry and software as a service (SaaS), but it also includes other sectors such as edtech, proptech, or the innovative web3.

During the selection process, in which 17 startups were chosen (of which 13 will present at the Demo Day on May 31), artificial intelligence (AI) was incorporated, which according to the firm, allowed a deep and efficient review of the thousands of applications.

Platanus Ventures invested US$100,000 in each of the startups that make up its batch, hailing from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and for the first time, Guatemala and Spain.

“We invested in 0.7% of the startups that applied to this generation, which has been harder to get into in the history of Platanus Ventures. The density of talent from the founders not only excites us but also the mentors who support them weekly, like Juan Pablo Cuevas from Cornershop, Jaime Arrieta from Buk, or Cristóbal Griffero from Fintoc,” said Paula Enei, co-founder and partner at Platanus Ventures.

For three months, the most experienced founders support the new generation of startups to find their blind spots and improve their businesses.

In its previous batches, Platanus Ventures has accelerated three startups that have been accepted into Y Combinator, the most coveted early-stage acceleration program in Silicon Valley: fintech Fintoc, healthtech Examedi, and business software Toku.

The sixth generation of companies accelerated by Platanus Ventures brings the accelerator closer to its goal of helping 100 Latin American startups, a goal two and a half years away that Andrés Matte, co-founder and partner of the accelerator, has expressed before.

From 2020 to now, Platanus Ventures has accelerated 64 startups from all over Latin America in industries as diverse as fintech, foodtech, healthtech, marketplaces, proptech, logistics, and the most disruptive ones such as web3, metaverse, crypto, gamification, and NFTs.

Every year the applications triple, but only some are selected for the acceleration process, and on this occasion, these are the startups from batch 6 that will present at the Demo Day with the aim of finding investors:




Industry: Marketplace
Founders: Daniela Garzón and Juan David Restrepo
What do they do? They deliver digital products to local businesses, earning a commission for each sale.



Industry: Marketplace
Founders: Andrés Medina and Felipe de la Fuente
What do they do? They provide spare parts to mechanical workshops on the same day while saving time on quotes.



Industry: SaaS
Founders: Diego Fernández and Luis Fernández
What do they do? It is software that analyzes business conversations with customers fifteen times faster.


Mexico and Chile
Industry: SaaS
Founders: Alfonso Brown, Francisco Abarca and Laura del Castillo
What do they do? A platform that allows discovering, hiring, and managing the software that a company needs.


Industry: Fashion Marketplace
Founders: Julián Castro, Santiago Ortiz
What do they do? Nodek adds hundreds of manufacturers for everything a clothing store needs, and they bring it to the business’s doorstep.



Industry: Fintech
Founders: Jair Loayza Suasnabar and Cristian Zavaleta
What do they do? They offer microcredits to micro-entrepreneurs through WhatsApp.



Industry: Proptech
Founders: Martín Andrade, Felipe Rodríguez, and Ignacio Gouet
What do they do? A real estate platform that recommends properties for investors with market data, financing, and property stock.



Industry: SaaS
Founders: Alejandro Kaminetzky and Pablo Farah
What do they do? Universal automatic control software for HVAC systems.



Industry: Social Networks
Founders: Francisco Barrera, Rodrigo Lasalvatore, and Mourice Poirrier
What do they do? A messaging and social media monitoring platform for teenagers.



Industry: SaaS
Founders: Gabriel Aramburu and Andrés Godoy
What do they do? They manage appointments and schedules on WhatsApp in an automated way.


Industry: Web3
Founders: Camilo Sacanamboy and Gerardo Suárez
What do they do? API to eliminate forgery and ticket resale in the event industry.


Industry: Edtech
Founders: Dheivis Jara and Ángel Jara
What do they do? An educational technological platform for engineering, construction, and architecture.



Industry: Proptech
Founders: Francisco Pérez and Diego Vega
What do they do? A real estate crowdfunding platform that does not ask for a minimum investment amount.