Six latin american startups selected for Techstars Miami

Techstars announced the 12 startups that will participate in its Techstars Miami Powered by J.P. Morgan program in the “Fall Class of 2023”.
Techstars announced the 12 startups that will participate in its Techstars Miami Powered by J.P. Morgan program in the "Fall Class of 2023".

The last quarter of 2023 began with significant projects and initiatives. Techstars wanted to stay caught up in this wave of innovation and entrepreneurship. They announced the 12 startups that will participate in their program Techstars Miami Powered by J.P. Morgan, the “Fall Class 2023”.

“After a rigorous selection process, we chose the best companies based on their understanding of customers’ or users’ ‘pain,’ the ability to execute quickly, and the potential to generate more than USD$1 billion in revenue in the future,” explained Andrés Barreto, CEO.

According to Barreto, the primary mission of Techstars Miami Powered by J.P. Morgan is to be a driver for entrepreneurs, focusing on accelerating the process in which founders achieve the challenging but crucial fit between the product they offer and the market needs.

Among the selected startups is Casalist, a Colombian platform founded in 2023 by Federico Ken Kawashima and Rodrigo Acosta, which enhances existing tools for real estate agents to increase their income.

Also, there’s CodeGPT, a Chilean startup founded in 2023 by Daniel Ávila, which uses artificial intelligence to help developers write code faster and more efficiently.

Another standout is Fuddis, a Mexican social food marketplace created by Fernanda Leony, Naomi Aguilar, and Toatzin Padilla, targeting small and medium-sized businesses in Latin America.

Gabu is a platform founded by Fernando del Corral from Mexico and Mario García from Guatemala, providing a safe environment for kids to interact in video games.

In Silicon Valley, there’s ILUMA, created by Ricardo Garcia-Amaya, Oscar Olarte, Jessica Taggart, and Yvette Chaskel. This company acts as a Colombian AI co-pilot for executives and team leaders, detecting issues before they occur and assisting in decision-making.

Devpass is a Brazilian AI tool that Rodrigo Borges and Dimitri Fernandes developed, enhancing a tech team’s skills by simulating coding scenarios.

The other half of the startups selected by Techstars Miami to be part of the “Fall Class 2023” are accelEQ, Cloudoor, FortyGuard, Question Base, Rhetora, and Smartsy. Additionally, the program announces that they are already looking for the next startups chosen for the spring session in 2024, and applications are now open.

Currently, the Mexican company Kavak leads the list of the highest-valued unicorns in all of Latin America, with a value of USD$8.7 billion. Rappi, valued at USD$5.2 billion, follows it. Brazil has the highest number of unicorns in the Top 10, with seven.

Kavak is valued at USD$8.7 billion.


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