Votum World brings its CBD technology to Latin America

Votum World’s products are outstanding examples of innovation in the CBD and OTC Pharma sector.
Votum World, startup based in Murcia, is making a mark in the cannabidiol (CBD) market through the implementation of innovative processes.

Votum World is a startup based in Murcia that is making a mark in the cannabidiol (CBD) market through the implementation of innovative processes and research that enhance the potential of this active compound.

The startup is a Spanish biotechnology company specializing in the innovation, design, development, and marketing of cosmeceutical and technological products containing cannabinoids.

Its main focus is on improving sports performance and health in general, driving its team to maintain constant evolution.

Votum World’s products are standout examples of innovation in the CBD sector and OTC Pharma products (over-the-counter and non-prescription).

The company’s success has been possible through collaboration with public and private institutions since its inception.

UCAM HiTech, the Murcian Institute of Biosanitary Research (IMIB), the Association of Biocompanies of the Region of Murcia (ABIOMUR), and the University of Murcia have been instrumental in their clinical and scientific research.

Like many innovative projects, the startup’s launch is based on the opportunity of the moment and personal experiences.

“About three years ago, I faced health problems related to work stress and anxiety.

“That’s when I tried a sublingual CBD oil in Italy that had a transformative impact on the situation I was going through. This moment marked the beginning of our project,” reveals Alejandro M. Martí, coCEO and co-founder of Votum.

Unlike most products in the CBD market, Votum World’s products combine cannabinoids with other active ingredients to provide superior benefits for human health and address unmet needs in the current market.

In addition to innovating in the product, Votum World also stands out for innovating in processes.

The company invests in research to incorporate monitoring, analysis, and release technologies into its formulas, creating unique products that transform sports practice and people’s daily routines.

“Each of us gathered key pieces, including our chemical director, whom we met two years earlier on a trip to America.

“We started working on various aspects, from financial models to business strategies and innovation, shaping the business plan that Votum World continues to execute today,” explains Martí.

Votum conducts a detailed analysis of the problem, carries out clinical research on real patients, and creates synergies between science and marketing to ensure that solutions are not only effective but also profitable or sustainable for users.

They have the authorization and registrations from the Spanish Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices (AEMPS) for their products.

The expansion of Votum World is already underway, with the development of its franchise channel in Spain and Italy, through online commerce.

By 2024, they plan to enter neighboring countries such as Portugal and France, and they have already started operations in the Latin American market with the opening of a subsidiary in Mexico.

The diverse team at Votum World includes doctors, scientific researchers, marketing and communication professionals, as well as a COO.

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