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El Salvador in the era of AI: Is Google Cloud ‘the savior’ that Central America hoped for?

In a bold move that could mark a before and after in the economy and technology sector of El Salvador, Google Cloud announces its entry into the country. But while some see this as a fast track to innovation and development, others fear a ‘Googlization’ that could suffocate local companies and raise ethical and regulatory dilemmas. Will Google Cloud be the spark that ignites AI in El Salvador, or could it be an obstacle to equitable and autonomous technological development?

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Yaigo plans to launch in 5 countries before 2020 is over

Contxto – Bolivian Yaigo is doing some serious expansion. Earlier this year, the logistics startup launched into Guatemala. But its upcoming plans envelope many markets within very little time. In correspondence with Contxto, Yaigo stated it will launch operations in El Salvador, Paraguay, Spain, Costa Rica, and Panama during what’s left of 2020. If you […]