Foccuz, a SaaS platform founded by Uruguayans Gabriel García da Rosa, Martín Llofriu, and Chilean Claudia Van Os, has raised $700,000 in a February investment round, despite not yet actively selling in the market.

The startup, poised for an April market debut, has already attracted 15 clients across Colombia, Mexico, and Chile through investor networks.

The funding round saw contributions from Carabela, InVariantes, KuiperVc, MGV Capital, and four strategic investors, aiming to enhance sales teams’ efficiency by integrating with CRM systems and utilizing machine learning for insightful sales guidance.

Foccuz offers three modules:

  • Foccuz Compensation for commission calculations,
  • Foccuz Insight for gamification and KPI improvement, and
  • Foccuz Analytics, set for a 2025 release.

Foccuz, The Uruguayan-chilean Startup Secures 0k For

Targeting B2B software companies with sales teams of eight to 40, the platform has shown results like a 50% increase in average ticket size and a 1-2% improvement in conversion rates.

After securing the investment, Foccuz’s next step is a broader market launch with the ambition of acquiring 50 clients by late 2023 and preparing for a future funding round focused on the Mexican market.

The startup also explores adaptability across various industries, despite currently focusing on software due to resource constraints.

The idea for Foccuz emerged from García da Rosa’s experience at Nowports, where the reliance on Excel for CRM management highlighted a gap in the market.

This realization, combined with his consultancy work, underscored the widespread need for a solution like Foccuz among startups.