Contxto – If you think UX research and testing is more of an art than science, it’s probably because you don’t know about EnjoyHQ. Less guessing, more enjoying.

Recently, EnjoyHQ raised a US$2 million seed round led by Point Nine Capital. Other investors included The Venture City, LocalGlobe, Faber Ventures, Kibo Ventures Techstarts and Social Capital, according to a press release.

The new capital will go towards developing the enterprise offering and growing the U.S. customer base, according to CEO and founder Sofía Quintero in an e-mail correspondence. Plans are also reportedly in the works to build a sales and operations team in California.

From Venezuela to the world

Although established in London, the Venezuelan entrepreneur Quintero founded the company in 2015 with its CTO, Lukasz Korecki. The platform allows product teams to perform more quantitative, effective research on UX and how users respond to it. 

Its large scale research and testing system enable faster iteration and innovation for new features. With this, developers can better decide on the next appropriate steps. All of this based on true, transparent customer feedback. Developers can share current and past product decisions seamlessly, no matter where they reside.

Allegedly, accelerated growth based on better internal communication and faster iteration are among partner benefits. Other possible outcomes are lower churn rates by optimizing UX on cold-hard data, which can increase customer satisfaction. Because, yes, data does allow companies to learn about customers faster.

“Today, businesses need a better way to stay relevant and getting closer to customers is the way forward,” said Quintero.

Rodrigo Martinez from Venture Partner at Point Nine Capital agrees.

“If you believe that software is eating the world, it’s more important than ever to listen to customers and ensure that product and UX teams are learning from customers faster,” said Martinez.

EnjoyHQ recognized how much some organizations are at translating user feedback into insights and built a platform that unlocks capabilities for any UX or product team with millions of users to scale the understanding of user feedback by streamlining the analysis of research data and the communication of insights.”

Wake up and smell the data

If you think about it, the user experience surrounding user experience research is a mess. In fact, product and UX teams constantly face an ongoing challenge to aggregate, normalize and segment feedback data. 

One of the biggest issues is the way companies obtain data. Usually, users provide feedback through a chat, a help desk, customer satisfaction surveys, tests, among others.

With so many communication channels with unstandardized protocols, it’s easy to see why it’s a pain to query that data. Even more cumbersome is sharing that material across company boundaries.

“We get many thousands of customer feedback per week across various channels,” said Mitch Gillespie, a senior product leader at free SMB financial management software provider Wave Financial. 

“Before EnjoyHQ, we had data living in various systems. We’d run primitive exercises to consolidate our qualitative data into Excel with customer behavior insights to segment and search and find customer feedback that would impact our product development cycles the most.” 

EnjoyHQ makes it a lot faster to get this data in a format that is easy to segment and query, and find the insights that matter to our business.

Mitch Gillespie, senior product leader at Wave Financial

Without a tool that quantifies and organizes feedback information, decisions are usually less structured and less supported by data. Instead, they may be based on mere opinion and inaccurate or biased interpretations of data. This would honestly override the point of obtaining data altogether.

Cool, but how? 

After working in CX consultancy, digital agencies and technology companies, Quintero brings a lot of experience to the table. Over time, she has identified trends and the overwhelming need for EnjoyHQ’s services, regardless of the size or sector of the company.

“I found the same pattern over and over again; most employees didn’t know where to find information about any customers,” said Quintero.

The magic behind EnjoyHQ revolves around data gathering, but more importantly, on the sharing and visual organization of it. For instance, the platform retrieves data from other departments on platforms such as Salesforce, Drift, Delighted, etc. 

Although data aggregation is a crucial component, so is being able to share “stories,” knowledge graphs, or other types of valuable and malleable insights. 

All of those surveys, customer requests and support chats then become quantitative and structured data, easily visualized and mapped out. This allows product, engineering, marketing and sales teams to observe and act upon the data. 

“The ability to share insights easily — to tell better stories about your findings and share insights and patterns based on user feedback — is what really distinguishes EnjoyHQ as a platform for product teams,” said Quintero.

“Every product team is looking for a single source of truth for this incredibly valuable data, but what’s also always been missing is a way for UX researchers to effectively communicate insights across the entire organization and connect the dots between previous findings. EnjoyHQ enables them to map their customer understanding in a visual way.”

Of Venezuelan Descent, Enjoyhq Raises Us Million Seed Round