Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Mexican Startups Stand Out in the New Platanus Ventures Batch

Half of them are from Mexico.

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

During the first quarter of 2022, startup accelerator Platanus Ventures announced it would expand its operations from Chile to Mexico, as the latter was key to deploy its regional plan as the largest Spanish-speaking country in Latin America, visiting partner Rogelio Rea told Contxto at the time, who is operating from the country alongside Joaquín Stephens, founder of the accelerator.

Its new batch, published by Bloomberg Línea, already shows the impact of its presence in Mexico, as five of the startups in which it invested are Mexican, four are from Chile, one from Colombia and one from Argentina.

The 10 startups in the new Platanus Ventures batch

Unlike the last generation, where they invested in 15 Latin American startups, the new batch consists of 10 startups. These belong to different industries such as fintech, proptech, foodtech, healthtech, logistics, blockchain and NTFs.

The 10 startups that will count with a ticket of US$100,000 each are:

Fudata: the Mexican startup is a portfolio of virtual restaurants based on data and only offer delivery.

Wannabe: the Mexico-based company offers companies a “test-drive” to their candidates that exposes them to real-life work situations before hiring them.

Crema: the Mexican fintech offers a bank account and financial products without borders. The platform allows you to receive international and domestic payments without commission to your account, make crypto cashouts, advance payroll and bill payments, as well as access a line of credit. For this purpose, it offers a card in dollars backed by MasterCard.

Emissary: also of Mexican origin, this startup focuses on the logistics of the delivery service of different e-commerce. It seeks to facilitate the operation and reduce delivery costs.

Bree: this marketplace born in Mexico focuses on the reservation of medical centers and access to SaaS tools for health and wellness professionals to streamline their work.

Lokal: was born in Chile to simplify the process of selling and buying wholesale, bringing together local brands and stores in a single space. One of its objectives is that the population of its country consumes products created in their communities, in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

Saludtech: as its name suggests, this Chilean healthtech is a digital platform that connects patients with health professionals and services.

Brolly: the Chile-based company integrates with companies’ human resources software to offer employees low-cost credit and financial education.

Bircle: was born in Argentina. It seeks to help fashion brands and creators to give digital life to physical clothing. To do so, they create NFTs of clothing items and add chips (NFC) that link them to each other.

Vivvidero: this Colombian platform previews the design of home remodeling, quotes the price and makes the contract so that the property is ready in two months.


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Sandra Pérez
Periodista de tecnología y negocios basada en México. Escribí para Fortune en Español y Muy Interesante.


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