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Mexican VC Dila Capital Closed its Fourth Fund: US$115 Million

The venture capital firm, which has more than a decade investing in startups in the region, closed this fund they had opened in 2019. One of its founders said that today institutional funds from the United States and Europe choose Dila as their partner in LatAm. 

Don't worry, we speak : Español (Spanish), too!

Alejandro Diez Barroso, who leads the fund with Eduardo Clavé, celebrated the closing of this fund which, he says, took many months of work.

“We see this process as a validation of over ten years of trajectory in the tech ecosystem, from both our previous backers, as well as from new U.S. and Europe-based institutional funds that are selecting DILA Capital as their regional partner,”  he wrote on Linkedin.

He said that, to date, they have invested in 11 companies and intend to invest in 10 to 15 more with their fourth fund. He said the investment ticket will range from one to four million dollars in early-stage and Series A technology companies.

Among the companies that Dila Capital has invested in LatAm are the fintech Kushki, the healtech Moons, and, one of its most recent investments, Mattilda, a fintech focused on schools that raised US$10 million last October. 

The fourth fund has been known about for two years, when it announced a “first closing” in partnership with BID Labs for US$35 million.

Dila Capital was founded in 2004, although they started with the current fund structure in 2011. That year they opened the first one, in 2015, the second one, and in 2017, the third one, according to a news item.

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