Contxto – Say hello to Capria’s newest partners, Adobe Capital of Mexico and Fen Ventures of Chile.

These up-and-coming organizations recently became the first two recipients to receive investment from Capria’s “network fund.” The first funding round led by Vulcan’s investment reached US$20 million in November.

In case Capria doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a U.S.-based global investment firm with an extensive network of fund managers. Often investing in VC projects, private equity and other debt/equity funds, they support resilient early-growth social ventures in developing markets.

Through its network fund, Capria will continue to make commitments to fund managers across emerging markets, primarily throughout Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South and Southeast Asia.

Meant to “deliver superior returns in emerging and frontier markets,” the network fund raised the first close of its second fund thanks to a series of contributions from investors

None of this would have been possible without assistance from Omidya Network, Ford Foundation, Resonance Impact Fund, the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation, Vulcan Capital, among others.  

Who exactly are Adobe Capital and Fen Ventures?

Adobe Capital is an early-stage Mexican VC fund promoting social entrepreneurship and ecological business practices in Latin America. For the past 14 years, the firm has collaborated with startups in the health, education, housing and alternative energy sectors.

The establishment received investment from Capria via mezzanine and quasi-equity financial structures.

On the other hand, Chilean Fen Ventures focuses more on technological innovation since they work closely with high-impact technology companies. Fen officials also take mentorship to a whole other level. They help early-stage companies scale operations and tap into new markets right from the get-go.

Under the umbrella of technology, Fen Ventures endorses biotechnology, software and financial technology companies in Latin America.

Now that Adobe Capital and Fen Ventures have joined Capria, they are integrated in a growing international network of 16 investment groups nurturing young startups in 37 countries. With membership comes a variety of benefits, ranging from assessment tools to peer-to-peer learning opportunities.

What does Capria want to accomplish?

As of 2017, fund managers in the Capria Network collectively managed US$259 million worth of assets.

Fund managers are also currently raising an additional US$750 million. New funds will deliver superior financial returns as well as scaled impact.

Although financial returns are crucial and necessary for investors like Capria, other goals are just as important. For example, part of the company’s mission is to promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Based out of Seattle, Nairobi and Bangalore, Capria creates “innovative, profitable and scalable business models” to assist members. Their mission is to tackl social and environmental difficulties, especially in Latin America.

All things considered, Adobe Capital and Fen Ventures mark only the beginning of Capria’s commitment in the region.

Which firm in Latam do you think they will invest in next? Stay tuned for more.