Bridge Latam, a Venture Capital fund specializing in early-stage investments in technology across Latin America, announced the addition of Luis Enriquez as a new Partner. Enriquez, who founded and led Cultura Colectiva for 12 years, will bring his experience and strategic vision to the fund’s mission.

Luis Enriquez is a mathematician and economist who graduated from ITAM and the Stockholm School of Economics. He has received accolades, such as being an Endeavor entrepreneur, and has been included in Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30 Promising Talents list. Additionally, he has been a fellow of the Shusterman Foundation in Israel and has given talks on platforms like NASDAQ and NYSE.

Enriquez’s joining is critical for the Latin American technology ecosystem, which is undergoing significant changes. Bridge Latam positions itself as a pioneering fund created by entrepreneurs, focusing on early-stage investments in startups with high potential.

A study by Harvard and Georgetown revealed that venture capital funds led by entrepreneurs achieve an average return 30% higher than other funds. With Enriquez’s arrival, Bridge Latam is reinforcing its strategy to boost the success of emerging regional companies.

Through a press release, Vincent Speranza, Director of Endeavor Mexico, stated that:

“Endeavor has always promoted that entrepreneurs need to multiply their influence by inspiring, mentoring and investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs. This is precisely what Luis is achieving through Bridge in Mexico and Latam”.

Bridge Latam has invested in 18 startups in various sectors, such as Artificial Intelligence, Nearshoring, Cybersecurity, Fintech, Femtech, and Agtech. These investments span countries like Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Furthermore, the fund is backed by significant investors like FEMSA Ventures and Family Offices in Mexico, the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Bridge Latam’s second fund, amounting to 15 million dollars, is well-positioned to identify and invest in the most promising early-stage startups, especially with the contribution of Luis Enriquez as a new Partner.