Evsy launches new collaboration features on its platform

Evsy, a Chilean startup for electric cars, implemented a new feature in its application to improve the user experience.
Evsy-Colaboration-Chile Evsy-Colaboration-Chile

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The Chilean startup Evsy announced the implementation of a new feature on its platform, which will allow users to rate, add, and comment on charging stations.

Evsy is an app that maps electric car charging stations and allows users to recharge their vehicles, as well as pay directly through the app.

“Users often face outdated information about charging stations. Sometimes, you would arrive at a charging station only to find it broken or with a damaged connector for days.

“It was necessary to offer a collaborative app that allowed users to rank stations, report issues, and add new stations, thereby improving the quality of information and keeping it as up-to-date as possible,” explained CEO of Evsy, Pablo Maturana.

The Evsy app was launched in Chile and has expanded to Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina, and Peru. In addition to mapping or charging, the startup also installs charging stations in residential buildings.

Evsy is considered the first social network for electric car users. This app, which was a pioneer in Chile, helps to find and see the status of charging points. It not only shows where the charging points are but also can inform if there is a queue, the prices, speed, and identifies if the charger is in good condition.

Electric cars are increasingly gaining ground among automobile users worldwide, so startups and apps aimed at improving the experience of these vehicle owners are on the rise, as are the functionalities available in this ecosystem.

It stems from the base that a significant challenge is that projects should have social, environmental, and economic impact. In this framework, we explored on the ground and discovered real problems of electric car drivers. We saw that the transition to electromobility is a huge issue, which is happening,” explains Maturana, who is also a co-founder of Evsy.

Keep up to Date with Latin American VC, Startups News