VIOO, the Mexican startup focused on visual content creation, raises a seed round of $1 million

The round was led by Wollef Fund and also included the participation of Kima Ventures, 500 Latam, Colectivo Jaguara, and a series of angel investors.

VIOO, the Mexican startup, raises $1 million in seed funding to become a leading marketplace connecting companies with professional photographers for on-demand visual content creation.

Founded in 2022, VIOO aims to transform the regional visual content industry by empowering photographers and videographers and providing efficient services to businesses. With impressive results in their first year, generating nearly $10 million in sales and delivering 2,800 sessions, VIOO serves various sectors such as real estate, tourism, and e-commerce.

The platform offers agility, high-quality production, 24-hour delivery, and coverage in 70 cities nationwide. Their community of over 1,500 registered photographers with expertise in different verticals is a valuable resource. VIOO’s vision is to democratize access to visual content and revolutionize how companies generate product shots, corporate videos, and virtual experiences.

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With a focus on innovation, VIOO aims to develop an advanced algorithm utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience and optimize content production. The algorithm considers factors such as photographer availability, location, experience, and client ratings to provide an optimal selection of collaborators.

Mathis Renard, Chief Growth Officer of VIOO, explains:

“We are developing a technological system that distributes projects to workers, similar to several marketplaces. We work to improve the user experience throughout the process, from booking a session to downloading the photos.”

Eric Perez-Grovas, co-founder of Wollef, the main investor in VIOO, states:

“As the economy transitions to the digital world, key players in different segments need to create the best visual digital experience for their customers. VIOO, through image enhancement technology and its community of experts, enables these actors to achieve that, whether collaborating with digital leaders in real estate, fashion, food, or even virtual reality experiences.”

Looking ahead, VIOO aims to consolidate its position as the leading platform for visual content creation in Mexico and subsequently expand into other markets and sectors, such as the automotive and fashion industries. They also envision exploring opportunities in the B2C space, including private events.

What implications does it have for venture capital?

  • Increased interest in visual content startups: This could lead to more investments in similar platforms and technologies that cater to the rising demand for high-quality visual content in various industries.
  • Potential for market expansion: Venture capital firms may view this as an opportunity to invest in startups that offer innovative solutions for content creation, distribution, and enhancement, aiming to capture a larger share of the market.
  • Innovation and disruption in content creation: This investment may encourage more entrepreneurs and innovators to explore disruptive technologies and business models in the visual content space, attracting further venture capital attention and funding.

How can other startups benefit from VIOO?

  • Collaboration: Startups can establish strategic collaborations with VIOO to access its community of photographers and utilize their visual content creation services on their own platforms.
  • Commercial partnerships: They can form commercial alliances with VIOO to offer complementary services, such as image editing solutions or augmented reality technologies, expanding their joint offering and mutually benefiting each other.
  • Learning and best practices: They can study VIOO’s business model and operational practices to gain ideas and insights on how to optimize their own operations and enhance the customer experience in the field of visual content creation.

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