Chile’s throws marketing AI lifesaver to companies drowning in a digital economy

chile’s throws marketing ai lifesaver to companies drowning in a digital economy
chile’s throws marketing ai lifesaver to companies drowning in a digital economy

Contxto – Data crunching is like a new fad diet. Everybody is all about it and virtually no one understands it properly. This is where Chilean startup,, (more about that name later) detected a marketing market niche it could exploit. 

Related article: The secret behind Rappi’s lightning expansion in Latam: data is a platform that basically carries out an assessment of a company’s digital marketing maturity, so as to go on to integrate an analytics management scheme tailored especially for it. Obviously, the idea is to properly analyze the enterprise’s customer makeup so as to better strategize and optimize their marketing approaches. 

The purpose of is to simplify and automate processes through artificial intelligence (AI), so as to, ultimately, make more money by getting a greater return on investment.

Consider it an artificial intelligence ROI optimizer; an AI ROIer… Wait a second!

A compass on the choppy seas of e-commerce

It is high time for even the most traditional companies to come to terms with data analysis and optimization. However, not many across the region feel too comfortable with these new gadgets and doo-dads.

Automatization, AI, and disruptive systems to many are still sci-fi buzz words. But, really they constitute a clear and present opportunity for those who exploit them, and a danger for those who don’t.

In Chile alone, only 20 percent of companies have automated data processing capabilities. 

Those companies that do use these advanced techniques have come to identify the hidden bottlenecks within their marketing processes. Previously, though, this all required high skilled, hi-tech solutions. is now trying to provide the same services with the added benefit that you and your dog should be able to understand what they mean and what they are for. 

In the words of Francisco Kemeny, founder and CEO of, “The problem with the digital transformation of industry is that marketing departments are not able to process the necessary data to make sales faster and more direct. With our system, we have been able to increase our sales eightfold. We did this by optimizing the sales flow through recommendations and insights into what we are showing our clients on a daily basis. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.”

This ain’t his first rodeo

This founder certainly has been around the block. It would therefore certainly seem that he has had some time to get a good look at the depth of that iceberg.

You see, was just recently born, after receiving support from UDD Ventures and Corfo (obviously, this is Chile, so Corfo is inevitably involved). However, Kemeny has been in the marketing technology and digital sales strategy world for over half a decade.

This particular project came out of Kemeny’s 2017 conception of a data and digital sales solution while he was an independent consultant. His hard-earned experience by working with companies like Glam&Co, DercoMaq and Walmart took him to the YC Startup School this year. 

It was here that his focus turned to software as a service (SaaS). And he has not looked back since, receiving support from Oracle for Startups and AWS Launchpad.

I mean, who can blame him? The marketing SaaS industry quadruples yearly, and there are hopes that it will be a US$51 billion behemoth by 2030.

No wonder this founder is trying to get a scoop of that sweet underwater iceberg. 


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