Ayenda Rooms releases app to streamline hotel reservations in Colombia

ayenda rooms releases app to streamline hotel reservations in colombia
ayenda rooms releases app to streamline hotel reservations in colombia

Contxto – Finding low-cost accommodation in Colombia just got easier with Ayenda Rooms and its new app. Recently, the hospitality startup launched the platform to ease the booking process, not to mention provide extra benefits to travelers.  

Based on recent Ayenda data, approximately 91 percent of website visits this year came from mobile devices. On the other hand, only 12 percent derived from desktops. As a result, this prompted the team to develop an app for users to make reservations over their smartphones.

“Today, travelers have more confidence in everything related to technology, since they are more familiar with making the purchase of all services for their trips through an app,” said Andrés Sarrazola, CEO of Ayenda Rooms, in a recent press release.

“This trend is being installed strongly in Colombia, and in the short-term, technological travelers will be motivated by the advantages offered through apps.”

At the moment, this app is only available for Android users over Google Play. 

Steadily growing, today Ayenda Rooms is active in Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Pereira, Barranquilla, as well as Bucaramanga. Within its network of independent hotels, the average cost for a room is COP$75,000 (close to US$22) per night.

Last spring, Ayenda Rooms raised US$1.2 million with investors such as SoftBank to streamline its technology. Part of this investment allegedly went towards scaling the company’s engineering team.

App features 

Thanks to this new app, the Colombian startup expects to reach more users seeking quick, simple and reliable booking processes. 

Based on a recent press release, this also involves the ability to make “on the go” reservations. Rather than doing everything all at once over the app, this means that follow-up confirmations are available over SMS, email or WhatsApp.

For every online reservation made over the app, 10 percent of the value will also reportedly become a credit through the Ayenda Cash loyalty program. This will be a cumulative percentage for every purchase that can fund future purchases. Balance, promotions and other special features are all accessible through Ayenda Cash.

Perhaps the most innovative component of this app is the QR code modality. Available this month, Ayenda Rooms collaborated with Mercado Pago to authorize travelers to pay for their lodging through this modern transaction method.

While cash reigns supreme in much of Latin America, this arrangement allows Ayenda customers to travel with less physical money. Rather, they just need to arrive at the Ayenda location, scan the QR code, and be on their way.

Ayenda Rooms is supposedly the first hotel chain in Colombia to accept QR code-powered exchanges.

On top of these tech conveniences, every Ayenda property also comes with a pack of guaranteed amenities. Besides WiFi, this also includes a television, toiletry kit, a bottle of water, as well as quality bedding. 

First announced in August, Ayenda Rooms reportedly intends to invest US$1.2 million into forming new alliances with independent hotel chains in Colombia. The goal is to assist them to increase their occupancy rates by 30 percent within the first three months of partnership.


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