Applications Open for Impacta VC’s Fundraising Strategy Program 2024

Impacta VC invites Latin American social impact startups to apply for the third annual Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program, aiming to master fundraising skills.
Applications Open For Impacta Vc’s Fundraising Strategy Program 2024 Applications Open For Impacta Vc’s Fundraising Strategy Program 2024
Applications Open For Impacta Vcs Fundraising Strategy Program 2024

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  • Impacta VC announces the third edition of its Impacta Fundraising Strategy Program (IFSP) for 2024, welcoming applications from startups focused on social and environmental impact.
  • The program introduces significant enhancements, including a tenfold increase in potential investment and new scholarship initiatives like the Climatech Ambassadors to support climate-focused startups.
  • Scheduled to start on April 30th, the program offers a comprehensive three-month online curriculum designed to equip startups with essential tools and knowledge for effective venture capital navigation. The participation fee is set at $199 per month, with scholarships available to ensure accessibility.

Impacta VC is set to receive 1,000 applications from across Latin America for the IFSP 2024 under the theme “Master the Art of Fundraising.” The program is renowned for its success rates, with 70% of the 2022 cohort successfully raising capital after participation. The program has maintained an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 96.4, indicating high satisfaction among participants.

The IFSP is not just about funding; it emphasizes creating an inclusive ecosystem with initiatives like the Women Ambassadors and the newly introduced Climatech Ambassadors. These programs are spearheaded by influential figures in the industry who provide scholarships and direct program access to encourage diversity and address critical global challenges through innovative solutions.

Selected startups will gain direct access to Impacta VC’s network of over 300 venture capitalists, with personalized sessions aimed at refining their fundraising strategies. Weekly special guest sessions feature global business leaders and entrepreneurs who provide insights and inspiration.

To apply, startups need to visit the Impacta VC’s IFSP application page and complete a brief form. Eligibility criteria include planning to raise between $300,000 and $5 million during the program, maintaining a minimum of six months of runway, and committing to reserve 20% equity space for Impacta VC if it opts to invest.

With this initiative, Impacta VC continues to empower entrepreneurs and startups to scale their operations and impact, reinforcing its commitment to fostering innovation and positive change in the Latin American entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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