Nubox, in its mission to support the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, has launched financial and digital marketing advisory services for its current software users. Over 15,000 SMEs will have access to expert-led sessions in these key business areas.

Javiera Elgueta, the founder of the Instagram community @javiera.contadora.tributaria with over 5,500 members, will lead the Financial Advisory sessions. These 60-minute sessions will cover critical financial topics affecting SMEs, from tax obligations to different tax regimes and filing requirements.

The Digital Marketing advisory sessions will be conducted by María José Álvarez, Brand & Content Lead at Nubox, and Andrés Bracho, Performance Manager at Nubox. These sessions will delve into current digital platform usage, trends, metrics, and effective use of Meta for advertising campaigns.

“These advisory sessions provide SMEs and entrepreneurs with valuable tools and strategies to maximize business growth. From financial management to digital promotion, each session is tailored to deliver insights that drive business expansion,” — said Vittorio Fernández, Partnerships Leader at Nubox.

Additionally, Nubox has launched the “Entrepreneur Showcase,” a platform designed to promote brands and ventures, offering up to 3,000 daily website visits. This initiative aims to connect businesses with a diverse and engaged audience, expanding their potential customer base.

Interested parties can access Nubox’s advisory services and Entrepreneur Showcase by filling out a form to receive more information. Nubox, a SaaS company with a presence in Chile, Argentina, and Mexico under the SUMA SaaS holding, is backed by Riverwood Capital and leads the cloud service market in Spanish-speaking Latin America with over 15,000 clients.

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