GeekHunter from Brazil secures over US$500,000 to scale HRtech platform for developers

geekhunter from brazil secures over us$500,000 to scale hrtech platform for developers
geekhunter from brazil secures over us$500,000 to scale hrtech platform for developers

Contxto – Finding appropriate tech profiles for developer job vacancies can be quite an undertaking. To streamline the process in the Brazilian information technology industry, GeekHunter combines HR and recruitment software to assist companies in locating the most qualified professionals. 

Recently, the Brazilian company founded in 2015 by twins Tomás and Celso Ferrari raised R$2 million (over US$500,000) to expand the tech platform. Leading the round was 42K Investments accompanied by the Gávea Angels group, Bossa Nova, as well as Hangar 8. 

The new capital injection will go towards improving the hiring process, in addition to increasing the number of registered candidates over the platform. Moving forward, the startup also intends to expand its presence in Southern Brazil. Headquartered in Florianópolis, GeekHunter also operates in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Recruitment market 

GeekHunter is a specialized digital platform for developers within the Brazilian tech industry. Rather than aimlessly searching for candidates on LinkedIn, companies subscribe to GeekHunter to efficiently filter candidates by skills, whether that be programming language or years of experience. 

“Today, companies have the great challenge of identifying technically skilled and engaged professionals,” said Tomás Ferrari. “On the other hand, professionals also seek more transparency in the selection process and want to find the right opportunities.”

In this regard, GeekHunter’s platform leverages AI algorithms to rapidly locate the most qualified profiles for any given position. At the same time, the technology is available for both companies and developers. As of today, GeekHunter has over 4,500 registered companies and 90,000 candidates

For partnering businesses, they can send interview invitations over the platform, not to mention rapidly survey candidates. While most Brazilian enterprises require an average of 60 days, GeekHunter drastically reduces the amount of time to an average of 16 days.

On the other hand, jobseekers can register on GeekHunter completely free of charge. Candidates who successfully find employment through the platform even receive a bonus from the Brazilian startup at the end of the trial period. This is reportedly 10 percent of the salary, which can reach up to R$2,000.

By 2024, sources estimate that 70,000 new IT jobs will emerge annually in Brazil. However, some worry that half of the positions will remain unfilled due to a shortage of qualified professionals. Adding to complications are Brazil’s 12.6 million unemployed citizens

Until then, GeekHunter will have its work cut out in ensuring that eligible techies fill vacancies. Common jobs available on GeekHunter range from Front End Developer to Software Engineer. 


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